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Thank you! We reached and surpassed our 2008 goal in only 24 hours.

The Project

Raise money for Nelson Ledges to help improve safety issues (specifically runoff).

The Goal

2008: 20 people x $50 minimum donation for a $1000 total.

2006: We've quadrupled our initial goal in 2006! Over $4000 raised!


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The Nelson Ledges Safety Fund

Donations List (2008)

Scott Nelson

Middleburg Heights, Ohio

I think my $600 "economy stimulus" check is at home. So half to this fund and half towards a new pair of SIDI boots. Gotta help out a track that is only 50 mins from my house.

Jeff Agnes

Wooster, Ohio


Sean Mueller

Winchester, Virgina

I like to donate arbitrary amounts of money.

Aaron Hardiman

Royal Oak, Michigan

You can count me in for $50. I love that track. It would be much cooler though if it was a little safer. (thumbs up!)

J.B. Mattison

St. Clair Shores, Michigan

I'll throw another $50 to help out again.

Eddie Kraft

Macomb, Michigan

Thanks Aaron and JB for starting it off. I'll contribute another $50 myself and cover the difference of the Paypal fees for all who donate. That's 3 down and 17 more to go.

Andrew Sexton

Westlake, Ohio

Ok, I'm in for 50 clams (or is that Ducats given my preferred bike type?)

Mike Books

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Donated! Thank you to everyone for all you do to keep us safe!

Jeff Reagan

Dublin, Ohio

Given what I've personally experienced the last two USGPRU rounds, and the fact that I help sponsor a FASTTRAX team here, it is a no-brainer to contribute. Thanks for organizing this.

Kurt Kearcher

Charleroi, Pennsylvania

I've gone off turn one at Nelson and didn't enjoy my options of trying to ride it out on a rutted, grassy hillside or lay the bike down before getting to the tires (Coward that I am, I chose option 2 ). I was thankful for all of the runoff room at BeaveRun last weekend when I went off the track coming down the hill and had the time to collect my wits and the bike and get back on the track without any trouble.

Jeff Kovack

Windsor, Ontario

$50 sent from me. I never donated the first time around, and promised i would.

Sam Gaige

Rochester, New York

John Noel Bartlett

Oil City, Pennsylvania

A good cause and well worth a donation. Thanks for putting it together.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dan Cole

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Scott Rosey

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

Terrance Johnson

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Michael "H" Falconer

Royal Oak, Michigan

I'll kick in too. I like that track.

Andrea Wilson

Royal Oak, Michigan

I like to watch you guys race. It's not much but I put in $25. Anything to make the track safer. (thumbs up!)

Total Amount Raised

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Donations List (2006)

Doug Sheets

Meadville, PA

My shop is cleaning out a bunch of scrap steel and aluminum. I'll take it to the recycler and whatever I get I'll send on to the fund. Thanks for stepping up and getting it done. I can take my backhoe over when they want to do some work.

Sean Mueller

Winchester, Virginia

Emptied the old paypal account. And I guess I felt a little guilty for not doing squat track-wise this year, so it was the least I could do. Not to mention the fact I wacked the tire wall in turn 4 back in May, so maybe my brain still ain't right. Not that it ever was "right".

Jeff Agnes

Northeast Ohio

It's a start. I'll talk to the local dealership here and see if they can make a contribution too. Let's all help make the place safer. Here's $201.00 because I refuse to be beaten by Matthias! ;D

Matthias Schaub

Dayton, Ohio

Good job; Spiegler Performance Parts will donate $200.00. I will send you a check.

Sportbike Tracktime

Delta, Ohio

Don Kinsey

Buffalo, New York

The checks in the mail.

Sam Williams

Akron, Ohio

A fine idea. Scott and Kerrie are working very hard to make it a better track. I am happy to give $100 to the cause. I have had many fun times at this track.

Michael "H" Falconer

Royal Oak, Michigan

I really like the Ledges. Funds are on the way from H-man.

Michelle & Doug Shelfoon

White Lake, Michigan

Fantastic idea - will Paypal when I get home tonight.

Eric & Shelley Johnston

Rochester, Michigan

Shelley and I have sent $100 in memory of my friend Mike Fox. Mike died at Grattan on June 5, 2004 after he went off at T10. Thanks for taking the initiative to help.

Sean Clarke

WERA HQ, Georgia

I'm in for $100 since I'm twice the man most of you are. :)

Jim & Tanya Johnston

Ferndale, Michigan

$100 from Jim & Tanya.

Jim Sublet


Donating $100 in memory of Bob Stanley.

Andrew Sexton

Westlake, OH

Thanks, sent 66 buck-a-roos in. Suggest letting us know in a public forum what we did, collectively, to make the place safer.

Eddie Kraft

Macomb, Michigan

Let's start it off ..

Jeff Caco

Dearborn, Michigan

Count me in!!!

Sunny Chang

Dearborn, Michigan

This is an awesome thing you started! $1000 is definitely a very small part of the tip of an iceberg Nelson is dealing with here, but it's a start!

Dan Runion

Cleveland, Ohio

Put me down for fiddy-bones.

Marc McMaster

State College, PA

I'm always on board for making racetracks safer .. $50 for me and I'll see if I can recruit some more folks.

Chris Lane

Richmond, VA

Another $50 sent.

J.B. Mattison

St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Throw me in for $50.

Aaron and Annie Kidd

Lafayette, Indiana

Too bad you're not coming to Nashville, I could just give it to you then. I'll have Annie Paypal you.

Mike Flis

Warren, Michigan

Count me in as well for $50.00. Will be sending it when I get back from Nashville. Scott and Kerrie are some good people and care a lot about the riders.

Shaun Harris

New Zealand

Seeing as I will be racing there next season, 50 in ya kitty, and good on ya.

Matt Goward

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Sent my part.

Larry Glaze

Columbus, Ohio

Another $50 on its way ... and I will volunteer to watch Pete and Robert restack tires. Ok, I will help stack tires too.

Dave Arkle

Nashville, Tennessee

Let's get the man on here and find out exactly what improvement we're buying! It would be cool to ride by a nice new fluffy gravel trap and think "I did that." I'm in for $50.

Alan Rader

Indianapolis, Indiana

50 from me. 50 from CurveChasers.


Indianapolis, Indiana

50 from me. 50 from CurveChasers.

Christian Volcko

Syracuse, New York

Daniel Cole

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Tom Hughey

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Frank Fisher

Fowlerville, Michigan

Class act!

Edward Talbott

South Boston, Virginia

Good Job!!

Fred Bittner

New York, New York

Dan Crystal

Marengo, Ohio

Another $50 Sent ..

Henry DeLuca

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Here's $50 for safety improvements. Got to put my money where my mouth is.

Scott McKee

Trenton, New Jersey

Anything to help improve my favorite track. Thanks for getting this going.

Joe Kraft

Shelby Twp., Michigan

Joe Ball

Westerville, Ohio

Good luck on this project!

Chad Eiring

Delaware, Ohio

Thanks for organizing this!!!!

Dave Grey

Waterford Hills, Michigan

Rob Campbell

Cleveland, Ohio

David Leppelmeier

Novelty, OH

Patrick Kearns

Belleville, Michigan

Chris Gorel


Thanks for doing this!

Trent Thomas

Waynesville, North Carolina

Sent $25 (since I'm broke and cheap.) Don't want to dilute the chances on the gloves for the real contributers, so you can remove me from the pool for that drawing if you want. Or, if I win, I'll sell and donate proceeds to the fund. Good idea and thanks.

Ysiu Yan and Dorjan Scott

Euclid, OH

Sorry, not as much as we'd like to but wanted to donate something! We appreciate your efforts to help increase the level of safety at Nelson Ledges.

Total Amount Raised

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